Therapy Intensives

(Spanish Services Available)

This intensive therapy unit is the only one currently available in the state of Nevada, and among the very select equipment available on the West Coast. Patients coming from Out-Of-State are welcome to receive the Therasuit treatment in Las Vegas.


Let’s Talk Therapy Centers is the exclusive provider in NV for the TheraSuit method for patients affected by neuro-motor disorders, TheraSuit. Therasuit LLC is a pioneer and leader in intensive therapy for children and adults with neuro-motor disorders. The TheraSuit Method – Intensive Neuro Functional Strengthening® (INFS) program is based and validated by research and science from Epigenetic, Neurology and Exercise Physiology. Let’s Talk Therapy Centers offer this life-changing therapy in intensive sessions to improve independence and quality of life by providing retraining to the central nervous system, restoring ontogenic development, providing external stabilization, normalizing muscle tone, Aligns the body to as close to normal as possible, provides dynamic correction, provides tactile stimulation, influences the vestibular system, improves balance, improves coordination and many more benefits.


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Upcoming Intensives

December 13th – January 7th

May 30th – June 24th

August 15 – September 9th